Legendary Musician Robert Johnson Will Perform Again with MEW Technology. MEW to exhibit in the official GRAMMY® Gift Lounge

21 Feb 2022



M Entertainment Works (MEW) is redefining entertainment with its groundbreaking technology. The company’s remarkable performance-capture technology will be on full display at an entertainment show in the Official Gift Lounge of the GRAMMY Awards®, the largest and most prestigious music event in the United States, to be held in Las Vegas on April 3, 2022.


Legendary musician Robert Johnson is known as the “King of Delta Blues.” He died at the age of 27 leaving only 29 songs behind. He has had a great influence not only on blues musicians, but also on rock musicians such as Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton.


Using MEW’s technology, an avatar was created from only a few photos of Robert Johnson, capturing everything from his style of dress and characteristic body language to the character of his guitar. In the GRAMMY® Gift Lounge, there will be a booth with a single black-and-white chair. When visitors view this seemingly empty space through MEW’s app on their smartphones, Robert Johnson will appear and begin to play a song. The performance will be broadcast on the official MEW website and on social media.


“Performing avatars” Create an Immersive Experience
MEW has pioneered the world of “performing avatars.” By combining avatars, clothing, motion, accessories, sound, and lighting MEW creates not just a 3D avatar, but an avatar that delivers lifelike performances with various expressions.
MEW’s cutting-edge technology can generate all the elements necessary for a “performing avatar.” Whether it is a musician playing a song, an artist dancing, or legendary moments in sports, MEW’s technology enables the company to create digital content that is holistically designed as a “performing avatar.”


MEW’s Cutting-Edge Technology
Movie motion capture technology: Technology that can generate detailed 3D motion data from existing videos.
Clothing-generation technology: Technology that can create the same clothes digitally from real apparel patterns.
Avatar-generation technology: Technology that can generate high quality avatars with various tastes.
AR-lighting technology: AR technology that recognizes space in real time and generates effects such as lighting that are optimal for that space.


NFT Marketplace to Enable Distribution of “Performing Avatars”
MEW plans to open a marketplace around digital creation utilizing related rights secured for creators. The marketplace will enable the distribution of “performing avatars” by combining various digital creations, such as motion, fashion, and art, which have not enjoyed intellectual property rights protection until now.
Creators from all over the world can participate, and everyone can play. And by connecting to various platforms, we can make the world’s entertainment more interesting. That is the mission of MEW.