Established a new company “M Entertainment Works Co., Ltd.” “MEW” is a technology group that delivers new entertainment to the world by combining the latest technologies of avatars, motion, XR, and NFT.

24 Dec 2021

Announcement of the establishment of M Entertainment Works Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Hitoshi Miyata), which utilizes avatar creation technology, motion extraction and creation technology, and XR technology to deliver new entertainment to the world. 





M ENTERTAINMENT WORKS is a creator company made up of individuals who are passionate about what they love and have made the world interesting in various fields.


This line from the famous actor John Belushi is our company motto, and we are opening new doors of creation.



Empowering people to create

Empowering all creations, from the past to the future,with original ideas and the latest technology.
We will create opportunities for everyone to express their creativity and evolve into eye-popping entertainment.


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M Entertainment Works Co., Ltd., commonly known as “MEW”, makes full use of its own avatar creation technology, motion extraction and creation technology, and XR technology, and sublimes into new entertainment that has not yet existed in the world through the sense and combination of creators. We are a creator company whose mission is to

The world is full of wonderful entertainment that can only be created by humans. We will start the “MEWS PROJECT” aiming for a world where NFT technology is utilized and distributed appropriately.




Representative Director/ HITOSHI MIYATA

HITOSHI MIYATA has been active as a musician since 1989 and started his own music production company. After working in ISP business and online game development at the dawn of the Internet, he created the world’s first ringtone download service in 1998, creating a huge music market. In 2015, together with Taizo Son, he founded VIVITA, a company that boosts children’s curiosity, and has expanded to 15 locations around the world. In 2017, he founded OPENSAUCE, a company that updates food and agriculture in Kanazawa City, and in 2019, he became the president of MISTLETOE JAPAN, supporting startups and entrepreneurs in a variety of fields.



Yoshikatsu Kanemaru has been working as a game creator since 1995, and has worked on numerous game titles. In 2005, he produced “GENJI” for PlayStation®2, and the following year he produced “GENJI -Kamiwaseoran-” for PS®3. 2008, he produced “PS®Home Japan Version”, a virtual space service for PS®3. After that, he shifted his focus to research and development, and in 2013, implemented Japan’s first large-scale AR live event “HATSUNE MIKU AR STAGE”. In 2015, he started his own AR application and event development company, A440, and has been working on various AR, VR, and event applications such as “ISSEY MIYAKE Exhibition Standing Application” and “ABAL DINOSAUR.



Representative Director, Micro Entertainment Co.
Born in Singapore in 1980. After graduating from University in California San Diego, he worked at an accounting firm in New York, where he was engaged in auditing mainly for listed companies.
After returning to Japan, he worked as a corporate planning manager at a multinational pharmaceutical company. During this time, he obtained an MBA and founded Mikro Entertainment, Inc.
He has led the launch of new businesses for major companies and the attracted overseas startups to Japan. As a country manager and Japan-Korea region manager of an Israeli startup, he led the region from zero to top global sales.
Since 2020, he and his wife, a dancer, have shifted the focus of their business to GESREC, which explores the possibilities of movement.