MEW's cutting-edge technology converts creative output such as FASHION, DANCE, SPORTS, ACTING, and PRODUCTS from the past to the present into digital data. By crossing the digital data of various creative output with 3D avatars, we will create a new being called "performing avatars" that will express various performances. We will establish new rights for the digital data of performance and open a market for distribution. We will provide a service that allows anyone to create new forms of entertainment using "performing avatars.”


This project provides an AR experience using a chair that allows you to meet Robert Johnson, the legendary blues musician who died young leaving with only a few photos and 29 great songs. Using MEW's technology, an avatar was created from only a few photos of Robert Johnson, recreating the shape of his guitar, as well as his motions. When you hold up your smartphone to the object on the chair, Robert Johnson will appear and start playing his legendary songs.

Robert Johnson

Legendary musician Robert Johnson is known as the "King of Delta Blues." He died at the age of 27 leaving only 29 songs behind. He has had a great influence not only on blues musicians, but also on rock musicians such as Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton.